BT Construction, Inc. (BTC), is your complete one-source civil utility contractor. A Colorado owned and operated business founded in 1980, has become one of the regions most respected contractors.

Always striving for excellence as a utility pipeline contractor, we have greatly expanded our capabilities over the past 40 years, delivering owners, engineers, and other contractors quality projects built with a wide array of installation options-often in the most challenging of site conditions.

Backed by a deeply involved ownership team, our open-cut crews specialize in, water, sanitary and storm pipeline construction and relocation, underground chilled and steam lines, electrical and communications duct banks, and sheet pile installation. In addition, our trenchless division, BTrenchless, provides hydrovac excavation, pipe-bursting, slip lining, tunnel augering, pipe jacking, tunnel boring and microtunneling expertise.



Small diameter waterlines and service lines to large diameter transmission mains, steam and chilled water lines - all expertly installed in quiet residential communities, rugged mountain terrain, busy university campuses and everywhere in-between.

Sanitary Service laterals, large interceptor lines, lift stations and force-mains installed utilizing the safest and most cost-effective methods to insure public health and protection of the environment is our hallmark.

Storm water diversion efficiently accomplished through a variety of conveyance systems from small diameter pipelines to large culverts and outlet structures.

Trenchless utility installation via auger bores, tunnel boring machines, microtunnels, pipebursting and sliplining have always been a part of our repertoire at BTC. Our trenchless division, BTrenchless, supports our continued innovation and implementation of the very latest technologies.


Hydrovac Excavation provides a non-destructive, cost effective, and accurate process to safely locate underground utilities. Used to remove both wet and dry materials, making it a versatile process for a variety of applications. 

Underground electrical transmission and communication duct banks contributes to BTC's diverse resume of utility infrastructure installation experience.

Lending a contractor point of view to engineers and owners through constructibility reviews allowing them to account for certain previously unconsidered aspects of a project, producing superior project delivery for our municipal partners.

Water treatment plants, sanitary sewer lift stations and complex valve and piping projects in a wide range of applications and settings.

We all know sometimes "stuff happens"... when it does, our valued municipal partners turn to BTC's experience crews - knowing we will provide them timely, cost-effective resolution.

Innovative sheet pile driving. Side-grip, excavator-mounted attachment is perfect for small and challenging sites.






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