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The City of Aurora's Prairie Waters Project, completed in 2010, is an innovative system that uses a sustainable water source to augment long-term water needs by moving water from their North Campus facility to the Aurora Reservoir. Historic flooding in 2013, along with recent heavy spring flows, resulted in severe bank erosion along the pipeline alignment near the South Platte. BTC was called upon to propose a method to stabilize the bank and protect the pipeline long term.


Rebuilding portions of the shoreline with soil and rip-rap was fairly straight forward. Protecting the 60" steel transmission line with sheet piling, to be set into what was now the middle of the river, created more opportunity for innovation!


BTC's project management responded quickly to the City's request to complete the repairs. Sheet pile was installed using robotic sheet pile driver attached to a 345CAT excavator with direction being given by a crew member hovering over the river via man-lift.