The purpose of the Fitzsimons-Peoria Stormwater Outfall Project (FPSOP) is to replace undersized 1950’s stormwater infrastructure in a highly congested area of Aurora Colorado. The existing stormwater system has resulted in periodic yet significant flooding in the Fitzsimons drainage basin - a system incapable of conveying 100-year storm events. This project began in 2018 through a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) procurement contract. BT Construction was awarded the contract through a detailed prequalification process and began assisting with the design in 2018.


The FPSOP alignment involves more than 13,000 linear feet of large diameter pipe collecting stormwater to the south near Peoria Street and Quari Court and conveying flows north along Peoria Street to a new discharge structure at Sand Creek. The project is being constructed by both open cut and trenchless methods. As of spring 2020, BTrenchless completed all four of the trenchless crossings: a pair of Microtunnels (48-inch and 72-inch) and a pair of TBM’s (54-inch and 84-inch). The open cut work is progressing and has surpassed the 40% installation mark. A lengthy run (2,600 linear feet) of 96-inch open-cut pipework will take place in 2020 and 2021.


This is a large-scale drainage project for the City of Aurora and delivery by a CMGC procurement method allowed for some flexibility to keep the project on schedule and underbudget. It was decided early on by the team to break up the project into smaller segments. Deciding on five distinct work packages allowed for design and construction to be phased to keep ahead of the development in this rapidly developing urban corridor. Early involvement in the design process by BTC allowed for some creativity to utilize our entire arsenal of talents as a company. A major accomplishment was the crossing of Colfax Avenue for the connection of the Colfax lateral pipe system. Originally designed as two open-cut crossings, design and cost analysis led the team to decide upon two trenchless crossings installed with a Microtunneling method out of the same launch pit on the northeast corner of the intersection while staying within the original budget. A great example of balancing costs and risks on a collaborative delivery method. 

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