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The City of Thornton, incorporated in 1956, has grown from 736 acres to over 23,000 acres, with the largest percentage of land use being residential. Consequently, potable water requirements have risen accordingly. The Holly Street Booster Station, located near the intersection of 124th and Holly Street, was built to supplement pressures in the gravity fed Pressure Zone1 during the high-demand summer months.


Installation of the 24 MGD EFI pump station, 30" MAG meter vault, 30" check valves, 30" BFV's and valve vaults along with the associated 30' piping with tie-ins to Thornton's existing system - all within a very small footprint and in keeping with a very tight schedule. Coordination of long-lead time components with multiple milestone dates for tie-ins and shut downs require exhaustive pre-planning.


Extensive planning and the ability to build a schedule around the project's restrictive parameters was key. Then we throw in a dose of flexibility, adjusting on-the-fly when issues arise, as they very often do in our industry.