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Rampart Pipeline Appurtenances ~ Aurora

Phase 4
Rampart Pipeline
Rampart Pipeline
Rampart Pipeline
Rampart Pipeline

Aurora Water relies on a 21 mile long segment of 42" diameter transmission line to deliver a significant amount of raw water to their local residents. The pipeline was built around 1960 and is due for rehabilitation and appurtenance upgrades.


The contract for Phase 4 involved 45 separate sites scheduled for improvements spanning the entire length of a the 21-mile-long pipeline. The schedule was also limited to winter months when the pipeline can be temporarily shut down during the times of lower demand.


BT Construction mobilized up to five crews at a time to accomplish all the work in the allotted time frame from December to April. With long lead times for many of the required materials, BTC had to carefully plan the work around complicated delivery schedules. Crews always had to be prepared to adapt to changes and provide solutions that kept the project moving forward. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the project was delivered 12 days ahead of schedule! 

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