Due to the impervious surfaces like pavement and roof tops, a typical city block will generate runoff of more than 5 times that of a woodland area of the same size.  Developed areas rely on efficient storm drainage systems to carry runoff to nearby waterways.



We have all witnessed the dramatic effects large amounts of storm water flow can have on our neighborhoods during excessive storm events.  While impractical to build for the most extreme events, inadequate conveyance systems should be upgraded to accommodate urban growth.

Featured Project: Iowa Avenue Extension - Phase 1


The Platt Park neighborhood, in Denver, was prone to flooding during large storm events without an adequate storm water conveyance system in place.  The City and County of Denver partnered with BT Construction, Inc. to construct ~4000 LF of 54-60 inch diameter pipe and multiple catch basins to capture and convey stormwater.


The neighborhood streets are narrow and heavily populated making the installation of the large diameter RCP pipe more complex.  Several heavy storm events during construction punctuated the need for the improved system, along with testing our crews resolve.


Thorough traffic control planning and implementation, to assure a productive and safe work zone, was a primary focus of our project team.  Proactive and on-going communication with the residents and business owners created a cooperative environment for successful staging and the steady progression of the work schedule.


BT Construction