Xcel Energy’s six mile long transmission project runs between the Sandown Substation and the Leetsdale Substation in Denver.  The project provided additional electrical transmission to alleviate loadings in the Denver Metro area transmission system.  BTC’s scope of work, on the north end of the project, included 14,760 LF of electrical duct banks, fluidized thermal backfill, asphalt restoration, 6 vaults and 6 Fiber Optic manholes.


Traffic control was key in the tight residential streets and major intersections encompassing the project route.  Multiple utility conflicts and obstructions were challenging as well. Duct bank was installed beneath a Denver Water Board 66 inch conduit- in Monaco Street with clearance of 18 inches – requiring diligent support of the conduit during our excavation and installation of the duct.  Duct bank also crossed under the UPRR at 39th & Kearney – our crews auger bored a 60 LF tunnel in which to place the duct bank.


BTC’s In-House Traffic Control Supervisor was hopping on this project, as additional lane closures were required to accommodate the support system for the DWB’s 66 inch conduit during installation of the duct bank. Thorough project planning and communication with Denver’s Mayfair Neighborhood residents and businesses, as well as the cooperation of our construction partners, resulted in a very successful project.

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