In September 2013, historic rainfall and flooding occurred throughout the Front Range of Colorado. Extreme flooding within the Sand Creek River Basin destroyed a portion of a 39″ Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (MWRD) sanitary sewer line, along with over 15,000 cy of the river bank. MWRD quickly implemented emergency measures during flooding: the 39″ line was plugged at each end and flows diverted to an existing 54″ line, along with emergency bank armoring to protect the 54″ line. MWRD also installed a structural liner in the 54″ pipeline and a back-up bypass pumping system, as an additional safeguards..


TIME…installation of new 42″ Hobas pipe to repair the damaged 39″ line, restoration of the creek bank with 25,000 cy of rip rap creek armoring, and removal of the 6000 psi plugs from the diversion structures ~ all before the Spring Run-off!


MWRD, HDR & BTC partnered in the Design-Build delivery of this project, allowing the team to quickly define the proper scope, ultimately expediting construction activities.  Project completed on time and under budget.

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